Thursday, 15 August 2013

Linen and Lace....

 Anniversaries...Yes it's both my Daughter and Son in Law's  and my Son and Daughter in Law's  Wedding Anniversaries (on the same day a year apart...what an exciting 24months that was with all the planning and making of invitations dresses...well the list goes on for a wedding doesn't it!!) My Daughter has now been married 13yrs...our lucky number in fact as my husband and I were married on the 13th, 42yrs ago!!

Taking inspiration from this lovely weather and the garden I tried to capture a summer lacey effect with some tiny tiny stamps I haven't really used much and they tie in nicely with LiM challenge for this week of one layer and numbers. The numbers are computer generated.

This is my Son and Daughter in Law's Card and I have bought them something linen and needless to say something in lace for my daughter and son in law!!
I have been very busy this summer, hence no blogging and have made so much jam, chutney etc it's coming out of our ears....haha, will have to pass some on to friends and family when I get round to it and put some lovely new recipes on the blog too.   I have also had a wedding commission to do so am busy with that...exciting!   Hope you like


  1. Fabulous card Sue :) Viv xx

  2. Love your design Sue the little flowers are so pretty :)
    Val x

  3. sue these are stunning

    So sorry for my late visit. Thanks for joining us
    Jen x
    "Less Is More"