Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Designer Papers....

not normally something I buy but like most crafters I do have some bits and bobs in my stash, what  I do have lots of is digital download papers etc do these count... I'm sure they must do (hope so anyway) after all they are from designers....?!

For the challenge from LIM
a CAS card using a some designer paper/s......I found some colourful turquoise and raspberry which I had downloaded ages ago from PP..The background is also a PP paper and I decided it fit nicely with my idea of a pen.... writing happy after a bit of cutting and pasting I managed to come up with what I thought was quite a reasonable...well recognisable anyway,  pen shape, added a few black lines and some computer generated words and a black inky squiggle and hey presto hope you like the effect.  Sorry the image looks a little dark

PS: If anyone can help me I'd be grateful to know (I got a Samsung Galaxy Tab3 for my birthday) how do I upload photos to the blog from it ......I AM STRUGGLING...but I bet there's a simple answer somewhere...HELP!