Sunday, 25 August 2013

A little book from the heart.....

A peek at a little book I made instead of a card for my Grandaughter Fay's 9th birthday in September, I love making these little books, I put in a few pockets made from envelopes and filled with tags and ribbons and left some blank spaces for her to fill in about her day and maybe a photo or they live abroad, just here for the summer hols I had to make this around some quiet times when they were out and mummy has taken it back in her case to give to Fay on her birthday....I thought the paper (sorry I can't remember it's name!) was so apt as life is so good with our grandchildren around.... 

A snippet of the inside

And this is the back....What a joy to make, especially as it's for a very special little girl, who says things like.............
"Grandma, what can we do for this caterpillar, I don't think he's very well as he hasn't moved off a leaf for ages"........and "don't move Grandma I've just put my pet slug down by your foot" yeuch!.........
Soooo as a final touch I bought a large paper butterfly that you wind up by twisting an elastic band and laying flat between two pages so that when she opens those pages the butterfly should fly out to lots of squeels and excitement (I hope!) and oh boy are we going to miss their singing and those squeels and shouts of laughter that only Three little girls can make!! 
 I hope you enjoy my little book/card



  1. Ooh- this is lovely!! What a great gift- you are a lovely Grandma xx

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