Thursday, 23 May 2013

Oh Dear.....'s taken me nearly all week to realise....'Yes'  I do have a dog stamp...a digi one actually and I'd forgotten I had it, although it has been well used in the past! (It's for my favourite LiM challenge) Here it is adapted from the PP Frillie Millie Digi which I cut and pasted enlarged and shrunk and flipped etc etc all those wonderful things you can do with a computer, I also decided to go they with a black / neutral theme except for a bit of bright pink on one little poodles top know, the background is also from Pink Petticoat but I printed them in grey scale to go with my theme.  Here is the result hope you like it..........mmm think I may neeed to shop for some more animal stamps... As I am sitting here in my kitchen the sun has peeped through and the flowers that are blooming in the garden are looking gorgeous...fingers crossed for a lovely bank holiday for everyone.

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