Wednesday, 2 January 2013


 Everyone looking skyward for Santa's arrival.....
 He's arrived..After one of the staff had to pick him up from the North Pole, with some help from a bit of Santa magic, in a Jaguar as the Reindeer had partied too hard and were still in bed.....

Just thought I would share what happened on our recent trip to see our grandaughters when Grandad and I were asked to help out at their school...I was asked to help out at school with parties talent shows and lots of fun and Grandad...would he step in as Santa!!!  Hohoho after a shaky nervous start, he soon got into the swing of it and this is now a christmas we shall never forget, what more can one ask than to be part of a child's dreams, so much fun!.  The last photo is one of our grandaughter's, Fay with Santagrandad


  1. Fantastic- I'd loved reading your story before- but this is much better with pictures. How fantastic- love the 'santagrandad'- that's a name that's going to stick! It must have been so much fun!

  2. Hi Sue

    Thank you so very much for your kind comments on my cards - that was very lovely of you. I too like your cards and in particular the card for your daughter's 40th wow that is stunning!

    Happy crafting


  3. Fabulous festive photo's ... and what a wonderful experience for Santagrandad and the kiddles! Thanks so much for your visit and lovely words ... so appreciated by me and by Clementine, Delphinium and Esmerelda too! Anita in France :)