Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Top SECRET...Our daughter is nearly 40!

After a few weeks of extreme busyness helping out with the grandchildren (which I have loooved!!) I'm back on track.....I have been crafting (and baking, sewing and knitting - a little pink teddy!) but, not had chance to blog sooo,  here I am again with a card I have loved making for my beautiful daughter who is soon to be '40' and is having a 'sparkly' themed do (she won't see this blog I hope!! so no harm done..heehee) and I just know she and her 3 daughters will love it as much as I have enjoyed making it.

 I just love black and white or white on white so decided to mix this with one of her delights... shoes!  Not sure I have captured the sparkle on the white section of the shoe which is dusted with glamour dust and looks very effective, the diamonte on the front is one I saved from of all things a bar of beautifully wrapped soap!

The shoe is a template which comes in pieces..afraid I cant remember offhand the site I bought this from but if anyone is interested in it I will certainly do my best to find some details as it comes in several pieces and you can alter the style of shoe, which I printed onto card and cut and pieced this shoe from inspire me embossed card.  The swirls are from a memory box die, ribbon saved from some packaging and the words are computer generated..Hope you love it as much as I do!  Inoticed Less is More is Lucky Dip week goes although this doesn't meet the marriage I am changing the wording for this to be used as a wedding card in December which is a black and white theme and it does represent as it is LOVE I will put the words HAppy Ever After on the Wedding shoe card!( LIM may throw me out, but never mind the thought is there and I hope you enjoy!)


  1. This is so refined and classy~

  2. What a stunning shoe. Looks fab in black and white. x

  3. lovely card, Id love a pair of those shoes

    Thank you very much
    mandi LIM

  4. What a gorgeous card!
    Thanks so much
    Less is More

  5. Love it- a really elegant card- I'm sure your daughter will love it! My scary birthday is coming up very soon too!!